Getting a clothing brand trademarked requires research and application. Even before you make your first garment, it is wise to research the exact name and similar names to your brand name. Most research beings with your favorite web browsers. I know for some this may breed a certain level of anxiety but do not worry. This pinnacle step will be worth it in the end. From here, head over to the trademark website and complete a comprehensive trademark search using their Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). The combination of researching via search engines and the USPTO website is a great way to ensure your brand name is not infringing on another companies trademark.

Do Clothing Brands Really Need A Trademark?

The short answer is no. However, why build a clothing brand and invest in it just leave it unprotected. That’s like buying a car and leaving it unlocked in a bad neighborhood. You are just asking for trouble. For serious business professionals and brand builders they understand the value of intellectual property protection. When you file a trademark for your brand you are alerting possible copycats or imposters that stealing your creativity will be a costly action on their part. Many companies have fallen into expensive legal court battles over unauthorized usage of intellectual property. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose your brand to another company or individual it would be wise to trademark it before someone else does. Besides you can’t beat federal protection in all United States.

Here are two videos I have on clothing brand trademarks:

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark My Clothing Brand Name?

As of this blog post the USPTO website is charging between $250 to $350 per class for each trademark. However, this fee is based on you the individual filing the application without a lawyer. If you seek the aid of a trademark attorney then the fee typically ranges over $1,000+.

What Is A Good Specimen For Trademark?

Great question! Here is a video that shows the trademark specimen for a T-Shirt brand.

Faith Tshirt
The Educated Natural When Men Pray T-Shirt

Confused On Where To Go For Trademark Filing Assistance?

Firstly, I’d suggest that anyone seeking to file a trademark to contact a skilled trademark attorney. Use caution! Not all attorneys are created equal. Choose wisely!

Secondly, The Educated Natural, LLC also offers educational aid in filing your trademark with the USPTO. We teach individuals how to file the trademark application yourself without a trademark attorney. If this option is something you are interested in visit out website at or click here. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your next level in business.

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