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Protect Your Land Course

Don’t be the next victim of trademark infringement. Discover strategic ways to protect your name, brand, slogan, and your overall intellectual property from imposters.

In this course you will learn detailed information about:

  • Intellectual Property Rights on Social Media
  • The Importance & Purpose of Trademarks
  • Common Law Power & Limitations
  • Trademark Registration Research & Process
  • Trademark Application Mistakes To Avoid
  • Applicable Specimens for Goods & Services
  • Surprise Trademarked Terms
    ****and so much more….

Next course will be conducted on:

August 16, 2023 at 7pm EST

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No; because filing trademarks is considered a legal action in the eyes of the law. Therefore, The Educated Natural® refrains from filing or claiming any responsibility for the filing of your trademarks. We leave that power to the business owner and/or attorney. FYI…The actual filing of trademarks is recommended to be done by an trademark attorney or you the business owner. 

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